A Safety Seat and Bethlehem’s Baby

Yesterday was our youngest son’s eighth birthday.  Joshua had been looking forward to his ‘special day’ for a long time, but not for the obvious reasons.  Sure, he was excited about presents and cake and ice cream, but he was anticipating his eighth birthday for another reason: it was the day that he was no longer required to use a car safety seat.  We were counting the days with him until he could sit in the van ‘like everyone else’ and, to his youthful delight, yesterday we moved the car seat out of the car and into our curb-side recycling. safetyseat

For me, as his father, this action was bittersweet.  A car seat/booster seat had taken up permanent residence in the backseat of our car for more than 21 years (7,765 days to be exact).  The combination of black plastic, metal and fabric (or one of its numerous predecessors) that we removed from the car has faithfully protected my precious cargo, my four babies, but now it is gone.  One final layer of protection and one final thread drawing me back to my children’s infancies is now gone.  Joshua, like his brothers and sister before him, have reached an age where his body can withstand the impact of a car crash.

As I worry about my eight year old surviving without a safety seat, my mind drifts to Christmas and the love of the Father as he gave His only begotten son to us.  I wonder if God the Father and God the Son had a conversation prior to that moment of conception in Nazareth: “We have spent an eternity together, but Adam’s children need help.  I need You to surrender all You have and be born of flesh, trusting those who have rebelled against Us to care for Your every need.”  “I will go, according to Your will.” No safety seats, no safety nets and no safety pins – God became defenseless and lived among us.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”  John 1:14

The Almighty Creator of the universe who harnessed His power to speak the world into existence became embryonic; the one who breathed life into Adam was birthed among the livestock.  He required His crowning creation, a limited human being, to supply His every need – food, shelter, comfort and protection.  He who dwelled in sinless and perfect paradise from before time began was now deeply embedded in the earthly environment of dirt, disease and danger.  As a father, I struggle with letting go of a car seat…I cannot imagine turning over my pre-born progeny to imperfect strangers to raise as their own.

There is just one question that remains: Why?  Why would the Father give His son to us?  Because He loves us so much that He will refuse us nothing we require.  In a much less spectacular way, it is the same reason why there is no longer a safety seat in my back seat; I love Joshua so much that I would deny him nothing he requires, even if it pains me to do so.


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