Perfect Timing

I have been wearing the same eyeglasses for the past five years; they were never broken, never sat upon, and never scratched.  Occasionally during this time I thought about getting a second pair, just in case the pair I wear every day were damaged or lost.  I thought about it four years ago when the original prescription expired and again a year later when I had a routine eye exam.   It was not until my headaches returned after reading and road signs began getting fuzzy that I determined to make an appointment.  Last Thursday I received a new, stronger optical prescription and ordered new glasses.  And last Saturday, two days later, as I was adjusting my glasses the left temple broke off into my hand.brokenglasses

Luckily, a drop or two of Superglue® ‘fixed’ my glasses, albeit temporarily.  In hindsight, I am now rejoicing in the providence (foresight) of God; had my steps not been ordered by God in this arguably trivial matter, I would have had to wait for two weeks for an appointment with the optometrist and another two weeks for glasses.  Perhaps it was simply a coincidence, but then again, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous,” the often misattributed quotation states.   I am going to claim the events of last week as a blessing from God, whether He wants to remain anonymous or not.

It has made me wonder, yet again, how often God intervenes in the events of humanity and His hand goes unnoticed.  Is it possible that the chance meeting with an old classmate in a strange city you are both visiting is more than happenstance?   Might the delay at the bank which placed you three minutes behind the accident you witness on your drive home be more than good fortune?  Could it be that the innocuous request from a commercial or direct mail campaign that moves you to the point of action may be more than coincidence?  How often does God break into our lives?

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”   Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)

Three thousand years ago Solomon taught the people of God that while humanity is making plans God is directing our course.  It is comforting to know that I can make plans – real and concrete decisions, not simply what I perceive to be choices – and God intervenes in the midst of those plans for my prosperity.    It is comforting in the small, trivial matters like eyeglasses.  It is comforting in the big, earth-shattering matters like selecting a college, a spouse, an occupation or a hometown.  Whatever we are experiencing, God is in it.  He is making sure the necessary trials which purify our souls are as short as possible and the magnanimous blessings which make our lives glorious are as great as possible.

Whatever you are experiencing, God is in it.  He is the knot at the end of the rope that keeps us from perishing.  He holds the string that keeps our kite aloft.  He loves you and promises to never abandon you, ever and always.  I pray that today something will remind you of God’s loving hand of guidance, just like my broken glasses have done for me.


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  1. Thank you Pastor for reminding us that “God is so good”! His goodness endures forever!

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