Mom Upside-down — Wow!

This weekend we will celebrate Mother’s Day, and moms all around the world will enjoy breakfast in bed (followed by dealing with the disaster in the kitchen), handmade cards (followed by dealing with the glitter and glue covering the carpet), and plenty of hugs and kisses (followed by requests to watch TV, go out with friends, borrow the car, or play video games).  Mothering is largely a thankless job – excepting on Mother’s Day – so, on behalf of all the children, allow me to say thank you, Mom.  We appreciate you, Mama. We are grateful for all you do, Mummy.mothersday

We all wish to thank you for:

  • Giving up space in your comfortable beds;
  • Diagnosing fevers by kissing foreheads;
  • Wiping soiled bottoms and runny noses;
  • Treating dandelions as if they were roses;
  • Cooking nutritious meals, remembering every dislike and preference;
  • Serving as a homework, project and employment reference;
  • Baking cupcakes at midnight for the “bake sale tomorrow”;
  • Carrying in your heart each child’s every sorrow;
  • Enduring concerts, recitals and plays;
  • Without notice or complaint waking early to pray;
  • Ever picking up, cheering up and speaking up;
  • Denying yourself when there was not enough;
  • Amidst blood, vomit, stitches and casts keeping your calm;
  • Chuckling inside when you overhear, “She’s just a mom”;
  • Appreciating every gift and present, no matter how odd;
  • And showing your kids the love that comes from God.

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”  2 Timothy 1:5 (NIV)

So much of what we know about life and living comes from our mothers and grandmothers.  They are the first ones to instill in us the knowledge of right and wrong, of good and bad, and of love and hatred.  They were the ones who made sure we looked both ways before crossing the street.  They were the ones who washed our mouths out with soap when they heard the foul language we used.  They were the ones who took us to the doctor’s office for appointments, the ball field for practices and the school for rehearsals.  They were the ones who read to us Dr. Seuss and “The Velveteen Rabbit”.  They were the ones who made sure we were clean behind the ears and cautious behind the wheel.  They typically were the ones who made sure we went to church and were quiet.  They were the voice of grace and the touch of love in a harsh and hostile world.

If you are a success, by any measure of the word, you likely have your mom to thank.  If your children are, or ever will be, a success it is likely to be because of their mother, too.  There is a Jewish proverb which states:

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so He created mothers.”

Today is not the day to quibble over theology – Mothers are a gift from God!  Appreciate that gift this weekend by remembering your mom (and men, don’t forget to remember your kids’ mom as well.)
And do her a favor…clean the kitchen after the kids make your breakfast.


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  1. Frank Pereto | Reply

    Mike — A wonderful message. Sadly it did not relate to my mother entirely. I was a much battered child, simply put, but I fully endorsed your uplifting message. Keep them arriving. You have such a wonderful writing style and your subject matter is so wisely varied, relevant. Mucho gracies, mi amigo. Francisco (aka “Br Paco”) Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 13:20:30 +0000 To:

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