Vexed Text

 A few days ago I received the following text messages (all at 9:48am) from one of my children:

“can you buy me (a particular band’s concert) tickets at (a particular website) at 10 please”


“pls dad”



“I will die”

“dad please”

What strikes me about this ‘conversation’ is my child’s overwhelming dread over an unsatisfied need.  It was as if my phone was telling me that if I was unable to procure these ducats my child will cease to exist.  As it turned out, I was, in fact, unable to procure these ducats and my child did NOT cease to exist.  Can you imagine, though, my child’s emotional state in that moment, feverishly spelling out her dire need?

If you are anything like me, I am sure you can relate to my child’s plight because we, too, have been filled with dread over the possibility that a dire need (like concert tickets on a school night) might remain unsatisfied.  I ‘need’ things all the time and I regularly text my father, I mean pray to my heavenly Father, to meet those needs: I need more money,  more time, more people at church, more patience, more wisdom, more things.  Sometimes I even think that something awful will happen if I cannot get what I ask.

“If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you – you of little faith?”  Matthew 6:30

The above verse is taken from a larger lesson Jesus gave as part of his Sermon on the Mount.  He is teaching his followers about the futility of worry and the working of faith.  He has already asked, rhetorically, if anyone has been able to add to his lifespan even an hour through worry.  He has said that God meets all the needs of things as insignificant as birds and grasses and then asked the question quoted above.  He calls them – and could also call me – ‘you of little faith’.  When we fret over what we have yet to get we show ourselves to have a faith deficiency.

The solution to our ‘little faith’ existence begins with God.  He is sovereign (meaning He rules over all things) and exercises His sovereignty to express, among many other wonderful attributes, His providence (a fancy word of Latin derivation meaning foresight).  In other words God has control and power over all of creation and utilizes everything to provide everything He knows, from the beginning of all time, we will need.  Since this is true, if we haven’t got it today, it is because God knows we have no need of it today.   God will provide when we truly need it.

A few words after he chides his followers for having ‘little faith’, Jesus reminds them that their heavenly Father knew what they needed.   God knows what you and I need, too.  He knows better than we do what we cannot live without.  He knows and He has promised to provide those things, whatever they may be, to all those who seek His kingdom and His righteousness.  So, even though we may think that we will die if we cannot get what we ‘need’, the truth is that the Author of Life will supply it when He knows we need it.  I guess I need to stop worrying so much.


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