Gimme Some Space

There had been a running joke at our house about my daughter’s room.  She was born 3 years after our oldest and after spending the first 9 months of her life in her parent’s room she shared a bedroom with her brother.  When she was just about two, we moved and she had her own room – a tiny room for a tiny girl (we lived there 8 years).  We moved again when she was almost 10 and she was given as her room what amounted to a smallish storage room/office; in her parent’s defense, it did have a window and snuggly fit all her furniture (it did not have a closest, though, which, I guess, is important to the female of the species).  Bekah always had the smallest room wherever we lived and she would decry the fact that we were making her live in a

Her living situation drastically changed about 6 months ago – Rebekah moved into the largest of the children’s rooms – a room we now fondly refer to as ‘the tree-house’.  It has enough room that she could have a rug (instead of a floor mat) and sufficient space to see her full length in her full length mirror (instead of seeing half her length…).  My daughter likes her room so completely that she even posted a photo of it on Instagram© last weekend, for which she received her personal record for ‘likes’.  After 16 years of small spaces, she is reveling in the spaciousness of her new boudoir.

“My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?” John 14:2 (NIV)

Sometimes I feel like Rebekah did: in those moments I am seriously dissatisfied with my living situation.  Sometimes I feel I am stooped over, unable to stand tall; sometimes I feel cramped, unable to ‘stretch my wings’; sometimes I feel like I could do so much more but haven’t the resources or the room to attempt something big.  There are days that I wish I had a place where I could be fully who I am and where I could have all that I desire to possess.  There are times that I long for greater living space.

There will come a day, that great and glorious day, when I will move on to glory.  When that day comes Jesus will show me the room He has promised to prepare for me.  I cannot tell you what will be in there and I am not completely sure that I know what I would truly want to find there.  All I know is that it will all be there, whatever ‘it’ will be.  The one who knows how to give good gifts to His children will make certain that my room will be better than I can imagine.  And I will dwell in paradise for eternity.

Maybe your circumstance is uncomfortable, cramped or crummy…rejoice in the truth that Jesus has better things prepared for those who trust in Him.  One day all those who believe in Him will rest in the bedrooms of our dreams.


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  1. you are a gem

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