The Waiting Game

“…but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.”  (Isaiah 40:31 ESV)

There has been a great deal of waiting for my family and me over the past few weeks.  We have waited in line at airport check-inwaiting counters and security checkpoints.  We have waited in line at restaurants.  We have waited for busses and trains.  We have waited for responses to e-mails and phone messages.  But mostly we have been waiting for God – to reveal His will, to shower us with His peace and to answer our prayers.

I’d like to say as an ordained minister that waiting for the Lord has been a joyful spiritual experience but honestly, while the ‘faith stretching’ we’ve undergone is beneficial, the last month or so looking for housing for our family has been hard.  The waiting is weighing heavy on all of us.  The uncertainty of our future is stressful.  There have been moments of doubt, flared tempers, frustrations and tears.  Yet, I have also seen some wonderful blessings:

  • We have prayed more together;
  • We have comforted one another with scripture;
  • We have learned to trust God to greater degrees.

Hopefully, in a day or so, we will be given the good news that a place has been offered – probably not exactly what we’re wishing for (it seems we can only find size or location, but not both) but exactly what we need.  In the meantime, we will wait.  We will wait and claim the promise that God will enable our strength to be renewed.  Perhaps we will soon be flying, but today I would be happy with a bit of weary-free running.  To be honest, all I ask today is that I not faint while I walk.

Waiting puts us in good company.  Abraham waited for God to reveal the place he’d call home.  Joseph waited for the truth to be made known and for his release from prison.  The prophets all waited for the Messiah to be revealed.  Anna and Simeon waited to catch a glimpse of the Christ.  The apostle Paul waited for lots of things (his reception before Jesus and his crown at the end of the race, just as two examples).   All these people waited with hope – not just a wish for something better but a certainty rooted in truth of the nature of tomorrow.  Waiting in line is easier when you know you’ll get through.  Waiting at the airport is easier when you are holding a boarding pass (with YOUR name on it, but that is a story for another post).  Waiting for the phone to ring with positive news is easier when you know God, who loves you and always desires the very best for you.

I will update this post when our waiting (regarding our housing situation) is resolved.   Until then I will continue to walk without fainting.


UPDATE:  As of Monday, August 26th, we officially have a place to live.  We are praising God for His outpouring of blessings, allowing us to enjoy all our hearts desire.  Thanks to all who prayed for us.


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  1. May God whom you serve grant the desire of your hearts. He loves to bless His children while waiting. He will give you more.

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