The Royal We

It has been the top story on the news and the primary topic of late night television and water-coolers:  the royal birth.  Reporters around the world were gathered for weeks around the London hospital awaiting the news of the prince or princess’s arrival.  Finally, on Monday the waiting was over…the heir to the throne, a son, has been born.  The next day, the proud parents appeared with their bundle of joy and the world gushed at the sight of the newest member of the royal family.  Finally, on Wednesday the crownnews reports came to a conclusion with pronouncement of a new name written in the annals of British history: George Alexander Louis Mountbatten-Windsor.

“For the Lord Most High is awesome, the great King over all the earth.”  Psalm 47:2

“Yet to all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God….” 1 John 1:12

It occurred to me that this scene around the hospital and palace in London might be a glimpse of what heaven is like.   Jesus taught, in Luke 15, that all of heaven rejoices when just one who has been lost is found.  Do you suppose that there is a place in heaven where the Eternal City’s citizens gather and wait expectantly for the spiritual birth of each and every child of the King of Kings?  Is there an easel somewhere on the streets of gold that announces the great news that an heir to the throne has been born?   Does the chorus of saints and angels sing out that there is a new name written down in glory every time a sinner receives Him, is adopted by Him and takes up residence with Him in the Lord’s palace?

As I watched the news reports and heard the jokes about Kate and William’s baby, I thought about my own royal lineage.  I have been blessed by being physically born into a wonderful, loving family, but I have also been born – spiritually – into the family of God.  While the press did not line the sidewalks around Brockton Hospital to report my arrival nor set up camp in front of my grandfather’s house to witness a family spokesperson officially announce my birth, I think that there was a celebration in glory the moment I believed in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  I was also given a royal name and a promised inheritance by the King.  I am a child of Robert and Carolyn, but I am also a child of the King.

What about you?  Do you realize that you, too, can be an heir to the throne?  The scriptures promise that those who are children of God will one day rule over all the earth, sit at the king’s table (not as servants but as heirs) and enjoy the King’s favor forever.  While the world may not have cared that you have arrived, God does.  Trust in Him and you will enjoy the resplendence of royalty.  I pray that baby George will do that, too.


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