Trust Training

I am a firm believer that when God wants to teach you something, He repeatedly teaches you the lesson until you understand.  Whether it was the plagues against Egypt or the parables of Jesus, God makes sure you get His point.  That is whyboston I take delight in the multiple reminders of the truth contained in the following verse:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”  Proverbs 3:5-6

It seems like every day this week, I’ve been reminded to trust Him and not myself in all my ways and He will accomplish what He desires.

Monday I had jury duty at the Federal court.  There is a big case underway there, one which they estimate will last 18 weeks, and I had been praying I would not be on that trial.  Thankfully, I was called to report to a different judge and a different courtroom and made it into the jury box – only to be excused by a peremptory challenge.  “What? I can be impartial!” I thought.  Funny how my thoughts went from not wanting to serve to being offended that I wasn’t asked to serve.  So I was sent back to God’s classroom.

Also Monday my son went to the eye doctor for a routine eye exam (his first).  He was given a preliminary diagnosis of a degenerative condition and referred to a specialist at Mass Eye and Ear.  He cried.  His mom cried.  I cried.  It made no sense to me that this boy could be anything but perfect.  He just got the keys to his first car and now was wrestling with the question of driving it.  His dad was still leaning on his own understanding and needing a bit more class time with the Creator.

Wednesday was a busy day in our household.  Our youngest ‘graduated’ from pre-school and my wife celebrated her birthday.  There is something about the overlapping images in my mind of the cap and gown and the birthday candles that makes me think that time flies so quickly.   What a joy to see my big boy sing and stand with his fellow graduates.  What a blessing to celebrate my wife and pamper her on her special day.  These wonderful celebrations are reminders that our days together are like individual gifts from God:  we assume there will always be another until the day there isn’t.  I was beginning to recognize that He is directing the course of this river I call my life.

Today I was greeted at work with a justifiably angry neighbor.  If I hadn’t had the week I’d had, I fear I would have been equally heated.  Praise the Lord, I had His peace about me.  I listened and resolved to rectify the situation, without retaliating with rebuttal or rebuke.  I trusted that even this was part of God’s grand plan and when I am fully submissive to Him, He’ll make the path straight.  All it took was four hours of sitting in a courthouse then sitting with my saddened son; it required I watch my baby grow up a bit and my honey measure a milestone.  Thank you, Lord for Your patience in softening my stubborn streak.

This weekend my middle boy goes camping for the 1st time and my oldest boy heads off to work at a summer camp for the summer.  I think it is also Father’s Day on Sunday.  I have a feeling God may have some more lessons He’s thinking I still need to learn.  I guess I’ll go sharpen some pencils, for class is about to begin.


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