Mum’s the Word

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Proverbs 31:28-29

This Sunday we will celebrate mothers.  When God designed mothers, He made something remarkable. mothersday Mothers are able to function no matter comes out of any of the orifices of her children, able to exercise willpower to provide dessert for the rest of the family while going without and able to provide comfort and calm during any suffering their child may endure.  They seem to know everything that is going on, where everything in the house can be found and how to make anything from science projects to shepherds pies.  The old adage goes that God knew He couldn’t be everywhere so He invented moms.

Almost everything I know about motherhood I learned from three remarkable women:  my wife, my mom and my mother-in-law.  There are plenty of similarities among these moms – they all had 4 children, raised them in Massachusetts, spent time at home with their kids, and made more with less most of the time.  There are also plenty of differences – one grew up during the Depression, one in the shadows of World War II and one during the ‘70’s; one was a single mom for a number of years with part-time jobs, one was a stay-at-home mom from the time she was married and one worked a full-time job and then a part-time job and then stayed at home; and they all have very different temperaments and parenting styles.  Through what they share and how they differ these three women have given me a great appreciation for the blessings we know through motherhood.

  • Mothers give the family strength – Even though I am trying to avoid sharing any dark family secrets, I will share that these three moms have been required to endure great difficulty:  the death of a child, a great variety of deadly illnesses and conditions, a number of scrapes with the law and even debilitating marital situations.  Through it all, they mustered the sufficient strength to remain standing and carry their children through the shadowy circumstances of life;
  • Mothers give the family love – They were the ones who read the bedtime stories, the kissed the booboos, settled the arguments and restored the peace; they were the ones who made sure the birthday parties were planned, the prayers were offered and the hugs were delivered;
  • Mothers give the family faith – Even as a pastor, I understand that the moms in my life have delivered more sermons to the children of the family than I have, whether it be on a chalkboard or through a phone call; moms make sure the kids are in church and are acting right while they are there.

Thank you Honey, Mum, Ma.  My life and the world is a better place for what you’ve sacrificed.  Thank you mothers (or foster mothers, or substitute mothers of the ‘orphans’, or spiritual mothers in our churches) for all that you do, often unnoticed and usually unappreciated.  May God grant you a Happy Mother’s Day.


I know that there are women reading this that are not mothers – some by choice and some by misfortune.  I ask that you would not take these words of appreciation for the mothers in my life as an indictment against those who cannot be a ‘mom’; believe me, they are not.  It is my firm belief that God blesses each of us as we are where we are.   You are special just as you are.


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