Book Review of Humble Orthodoxy

Don’t let the size of Humble Orthodoxy by Joshua Harris fool you: this short work is jam-packed with Scripture and truth.  Harris takes Paul’s second letter to Tihocovermothy as a loose framework for his thoughts on Christian living.  In doing so, his thesis (that we are simultaneously commanded by the Lord to be orthodox in doctrine and humble in behavior) is strongly supported in God’s word.  Humble Orthodoxy does a superb job in fleshing out its subtitle – ‘holding the truth high without putting people down’.

What makes Humble Orthodoxy exceptional is its call for application in real world settings.  As Harris states halfway through the book:

“Do you want to keep your orthodoxy humble?  Try to live it.  Don’t spend all your time theorizing about it, debating it, or blogging about it. Spend more energy living the truth you know than worrying about what the next person does or doesn’t know.”

Harris is not content to share the truth while modeling humility; he wants the reader to practice the faith in this obedience as well.

This book, with its list of study questions for individuals and small groups, is ideal for discipleship groups, mentoring relationships and leadership studies.  I highly recommend spending an hour or so enjoying the feast presented in Humble Orthodoxy, but those who sit at the table with Harris should anticipate spending much more time digesting its contents.


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