“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.”  John 14:27


It started with a newsbreak over my phone:  “Explosions at the Boston Marathon Finish Line”.  Since that moment, there has been a restlessness within me.  Did my wife and children take the train to see the race?  By God’s grace, no.  Is Mike, a congregant who ran today, and his family, who went to see him run, okay?  By God’s grace, yes.  We tried to watch the news, but with a 5 year-old at home, we could not.  We followed social media…3 dead and 144 injured.  I went to bed restless.  I woke up to the news that a neighbor, 8 year-old Martin Richard, was fatally injured in the blast and his mom, Denise, was critically injured.  Our prayers go out to the Richard family, who would regularly walk past this church building to take the kids to school.

Celebrities and friends have been posting and tweeting about the resilience of the city, and I am sure that is true.  Just as others have overcome tragedy, we too will overcome this awfulness.  Copley Square will reopen and people will rebuild.  In time, the physical, emotional and psychological scars will fade.  But today we mourn.  We mourn the loss of life and livelihood.  We mourn the loss of security and safety.  We mourn the loss of comfort and congeniality.  Lord, help us in our loss.

Times like this shake the human spirit to its foundation.  One of the blessings of living in Boston is that this foundation is build on the Rock – that our community is still a community of faith.  Today we are not Catholic or Baptist, we are not Charismatic or Episcopal, we are Bostonians.  Perhaps it has been a number of years since CCD lessons told us of the great promises of God – “I will never leave you nor forsake you” – or VBS lessons deposited within us the great truths of the Scriptures – “Trust in God, trust also in Me”.  Maybe we were worshipping on Sunday, praying that you would keep the runners safe.  God is good, even on terrible days.  God is still on the throne, even in the midst of tragedy.  God will grant us peace.


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