Not a Trivial Pursuit

“Remember how he told you….”  Luke 24:6

I remember too many things. I can watch Jeopardy© and get most of the questions correct.  I can remember my phone number from Stoughton 30 years ago.  I can remember the Pythagorean Theorem.  Most of the time, I can remember where I am supposed to be and when I am supposed to be there. etomb However, many of the things that remain in my brain are not the thing I should be remembering.

The above quote is from an angel who appeared to the women visiting Jesus’ tomb on the first Easter.  I have read this passage over and over again and it occurred to me recently that this is not a question of the women (as if the angel is asking “Don’t you remember….”) but it is a command:  “Remember….”   There is a big difference between my wife asking me, “(Did you) remember to pick up milk on your way home?” and her saying “Remember to pick up milk on your way home.”  The first is a request, a helpful reminder.  The second is a command, a hopeful reminder.  The problem with me is that I forget.

I forget that Jesus told me He has given me peace (John 14:27).  I could have used that reminder this past week.  As I waited for three different promises from three different businesses to come to pass, I was visibly and emotionally taxed.  What a blessing it would have been had I heeded the command of the angel of Easter and remembered.

I forget that Jesus has promised to satisfy all my needs (Matthew 6:33).  As I ran to the bank this week to make sure that the checks I wrote would be covered by the balance in my account, I had a knot in my stomach and a doubt in my head.  What a blessing it would have been had I heeded the command of that angel.

I can tell you the capital of Kentucky and the atomic weight of carbon to a rousing chorus of “who really cares”.  What I need to focus my mental energies on is remembering how Jesus told me that my sins can be forgiven, how I can experience His presence at every moment and how I will be reunited with the Father one day.  I am no different than those women who journeyed at dawn to prepare Jesus’ body for burial with the very human assumption that the dead don’t get up (despite any popular television show’s premise that may contradict that notion and posit that the dead can walk).  He said He was going to be handed over, crucified and rise again not once but three times.  He has stated to me in a voice inaudible but real, “You are forgiven, you are mine, you are valuable to me,” and yet I still forget those very truths.

Lord, help me to remember to remember your words.


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