Waiting for the Spring

 Let me start with an update from a previous entry:  my Son David did receive good news last week and was invited to attend one of the BPS ‘exam’ schools in September.  He will be part of the Boston Latin Academy’s student body, class of 2019!  We are so proud of David and all his hard work and stamina.

Spring arrived here in Boston, astronomically, at 7:02am on Wednesday.  We received 8 inches of snow on Tuesday (the last day of winter) and have been blessed with a dusting of the white stuff on Wednesday photo (3)night and again last night.  It makes me wonder if Spring will ever arrive meteorologically.  As I drove my daughter to the bus stop this morning and the thermometer read 25 degrees, I longed for the spring flowers to herald the news that the long winter was over.  Alas, more snow is forecast for next week.

As a Christian, Spring and Easter are linked in my mind.  The Spring flowers (lilies, tulips and daffodils) appear to represent the new life of which was buried and laid dormant throughout the bitter cold season.  The bunnies, who have spent a season in the ground, are stirring in the woods and meadows.  The trees show their budding and the flowers start to bloom.  New life is seemingly everywhere – except this year.

Maybe it is appropriate to have snow still on the ground and to have a chill still in the air.  Perhaps that would be keeping more in harmony with the 1st Easter.  No, it was not snowing or bitter cold in Jerusalem, so don’t mistake my comments as weather-related.  As we read the accounts of that joyous Sunday of Christ’s resurrection, and hear the words of His followers, we might get the sense that their world was still in “winter-mode”.  It was still dark, still cold, still no signs of new life, and there was still no hope in their hearts.  That’s how I feel as I look out upon the white landscape outside my window.  It seems that there is still more darkness than there is light.  There is still that nagging bitterness in the air.  There is still little sign that new life is imminent.

In a moment just before the dawn of the new day, however, everything changes.  That which was dead and buried, lifeless and hopeless, suddenly bursts forth with renewed vitality.  The day has come when the one abandoned to the grave and disregarded by those closest to Him has been resurrected – Christ has risen!  All that was lost has been regained, all that the winter of sorrow had swallowed has been restored – He has risen, indeed!  The Spring will come and our hearts will be uplifted.  New life will be evident all around us.  At some point, we will become aware that the world around us has changed and the darkness and cold of this season has been overcome by the warmth and colors of the new season.

I look forward to Spring…but I’ll still keep the ice scraper in the car.


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