You Are Invited

For those who are unfamiliar with the policies of the Boston Public Schools, let me begin by stating that the BPS has three “exam” schools for 7th-12th schoolgrade students – Boston Latin School, Boston Latin Academy, and the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science.  Acceptance to these schools is based upon a student’s ‘Independent School Entrance Exam’ score and their GPA for the last year and a half.  My son David will discover his placement (if any) at one of the exam schools today.  The pressure is on him as his older brother and sister already have endured the process and were accepted into the most prestigious of the three schools.  I am praying that David receives good news today.

There are many who contend that the decisions made today for those graduating High school in 2019 will shape not only the next six years of schooling but the course of these young students’ lives.  They will say that a great secondary education will lead to a great college education which will lead to a great and productive career, or so I’ve been told.  For my son, the world will not end if BLS is not in his future; it will only feel that way.  I am praying that David receives good news today.

Life is full of decisions and choices that have the potential to alter the course of our lives.  Many of these decisions are made by others: parents who decide where you’ll live, teachers who determine your educational levels in the classroom, employers who decide who will get the high profile tasks and promotions, and children who decide which holidays they’ll be ‘home’.  A few of the big decisions in life are ours: where we will go to college or work, who we will marry and with whom we will raise children, and when we will retire.  Unfortunately, all of the decisions others make and many of the decisions we make are ultimately beyond our control and we are mainly responsible for how we respond.  I am praying that David receives good news today.

How I wish the Lord’s prayer with His disciples would be realized today, specifically that God’s will would be done here on earth as it is in heaven.  Paraphrasing Jesus’ parable of Matthew 22, the BPS will be sending out invitations to come and share time with the great instructors; 400 or so kids will receive these letters for each gathering; in reference to the parable’s narrative, imagine all these students refusing to attend because they have made other plans; and then the headmaster sends out all the other schoolmasters and invites anyone they can find who would like to attend.  What a wonderful turn of events – but it relates not really to the ISEE or GPA numbers, but rather to the invitation to heaven.

David may be invited to an exam school today.  He may enjoy some great news.  David (and all of us) has been given an invitation to have fellowship with the Almighty, having had His workers search the ‘highways and byways’ for us.  We must decide whether or not to accept the invitation.  Heaven is not limited to 400, or 800, or 1,200, or 12 million.  It will not come in the form of a web notice or a letter, but the invitation will come.  Now that is good news.  I am praying that someone receives that good news today.


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