Are You Coming to the Party?

Last week our family had a birthday party for our youngest, inviting a number of his friends to join us at a local xmasbowling alley to celebrate Joshua turning 5.  Although the celebration was not on Joshua’s actual birthday, they came anyway, wishing to spend a little time with their friend.  They wore special shoes because they were asked to do so by the guest of honor.  They brought gifts to the party, expecting nothing more than token ‘goodie bags’ in return.  They sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy, because, after all, that is what one does at a birthday party.  They all went home, having enjoyed a wonderful time with wonderful friends for a wonderful reason.

How different so many “Christmas” parties will be over the next week or so.  Whether they are corporate get-togethers or school sponsored gatherings or neighborhood open-houses, so many parties will be devoid of the real reason for the celebration.  There will be little or no special dress and instead of singing of the savior’s birth many will sing about seasonal weather.   Instead of gifts for the Christ, many will spend time and resources picking out presents for themselves.  Instead of saving the date and adjusting the plans, many will ‘make it if nothing better comes up”. It could be likened to my family’s intentions of throwing a birthday party for Joshua and then neglecting to invite him to the celebration.

Let us all choose to remember Jesus this Christmas.  Maybe we could choose to sing “Happy Birthday” before we check out what’s under the tree.  Maybe we could spin by His house when we know He’ll be there and drop off a gift (even if all we can afford is an hour of our time).  Maybe we could accept His invitation and celebrate with Him, engaging in the things that He enjoys doing.  Maybe we could write Him a card, sharing our heart and appreciating His friendship as a keepsake on His special day.  Let’s remember Christ this Christmas.


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