Thanks Giving

Despite the fact that Dunkin Donuts© is now selling coffee in red and green cups emblazoned with the word “Joy”, the local market is preparing their lot for the delivery of evergreens and the South Shore Plaza is already offering photos with Santa, I refuse to begin my celebration of Christmas.  I want to celebrate Thanksgiving – a national observance as old as our country where we, the blessed, appreciate the fount of every blessing, the Lord Almighty.  I want to remember the pilgrims and their shipmates who suffered greatly in the winter of 1620 but survived with God’s assistance provided, to a great degree, through the compassion of a missionary-educated Wampanoag named Squanto and his people.  It is uplifting to recount the words of Bradford and Winslow, who praised the Almighty for His deliverance and bounty.

I, too, praise the Almighty for His many blessings lavished upon me.  As we observe and celebrate Thanksgiving let us give thanks for God’s grace and mercy inexhaustibly supplied to make us aware of His greatness and our own frailty, deliver us from the sin we all have imprisoned ourselves with, and provide us with a future with Him in the heavenly places.  Let us give thanks for those whom God has appointed as authority over us and rejoice in the blessed order He has established in government, commerce, academics and in the home.  Let us be thankful for our vocations and occupations, the things which enable us to live out the purposes He has created us to accomplish.  Let us be thankful for family, whether it is by blood or by Spirit, who foster us, feed us and love us.  Let us be thankful for children – our own and others’ – which provide a constant reminder to those who spend any amount of time with them that there are still wonderful fascinations in the world, vast discoveries to be made and a joyful hope for humanity that He has not yet given up on us.

Before turning on that radio station that will play holiday music until December 25th or making that big shopping list for the “Black Friday” sales, would you take some time to give thanks to God for, among other things, ears to hear holiday music and resources sufficient to take advantage of the bargains of “Black Friday”?  Every good and perfect gift comes from above – this Thursday would be a great time to simply say thanks.


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