A Role Model Has Graduated

Earlier this week, Vincent “Jim” Feulo went home to be with the Lord.  I dedicate this post to his family and sent my sympathies with its words.  More than 20 years ago, when first professing my faith in Christ, my wife and I joined a couples Bible study along with Jim and his wife Helen.  They were older, wiser, stronger in the faith.  They taught me things about God’s word and its interplay with life (and the difficulties attributed to it) that I still remember.  Jim, quiet and deliberate, shared the joys and struggles of following God as a business owner, a parent and a husband.  A man of few words, but those few words weighed heavy in this young man’s heart.

In the 20 years since those days with Jan, John, Helen and Jim, our families have been strongly linked with Jim’s.  I count as best friends Jim’s daughter and son-in-law.  My son, Jonathan, and Jim’s grandson, Nick, have been playing together seemingly forever.  I worked on staff at Central Baptist in Quincy when Jim was a trustee.  Jim and Helen even hosted a baby shower for my daughter in their home.  I looked forward to seeing Jim on Christmas eve and Easter morning.  I’ve enjoyed meals and joys in Quincy, Weymouth and Randolph with Jim and Helen.

Graciously, God is still teaching me through the example of this godly friend.  In speaking with Helen, his wife of 53 years, yesterday, I was told that the last year of their marriage was the best — there was nothing worth remaining angry over.  It is important to wrestle withe brevity of life on occasion.  I was reminded that as Jim lived on earth — with faith and humble strength — so we can also provide for and prepare those we love for that day we depart.  He was ready to go and he knew where he was going.  He has now graduated to glory, ahead of us.  He lived graciously and generously — and he still serves, at least in one man’s mind, as a role model.

Continue to pray for the family of Jim who are rejoicing amidst the absence of their beloved that he is now with his Savior forever.


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  1. Marie Pereto-Hedin | Reply

    What a beautiful tribute to Jim! I knew him, not as well as you, and everything you said about him rings true. Christ-centered mentors are a precious gift from God. May God’s gracious peace rest upon his family.

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