Rain Rain Go Away

As I watched the weather reports yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that I hate bad weather.  Being the pastor of a small church makes causes me to think of every storm as an obstacle to ministry.  Whether it is the forecast of torrential rains that fell in Boston yesterday which causes fear that people won’t participate in VBS or the snowstorms developing any number of New England weekends which causes trepidations that people may stay away from church on Sunday morning, I tend to greatly dislike inclement weather.

The truth remains that no raindrop falls or snowflake drifts without the Lord’s authority.  This tension – between my detesting bad weather and my knowledge of God’s sovereignty – is a difficult edge to rest upon.  God allows the storms that mess with our plans, and I’ve no grounds to question His wisdom.  God is always in control of the storms.  God is also in control of the sunny Summer Sundays which cause people to have visions of beach trips and barbecues.  Perhaps my frustration has less to do with the weather and more to do with the human heart.

It is easier to blame the storms that enter our lives than wrestle with the truths that shape our lives.  When Jesus calmed the storms upon the Sea of Galilee, He knew the boat would not sink with the Savior and His disciples.  Jesus slept as the clouds gathered and He slumbered as the winds gusted.  He knew the purpose of the storm – he always does – and those of faith trust the one in the boat with them can trust Him to bring about His great good …even by means of the storms.


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